Our Mission is to create one-of-a kind events that give our clients and their guests great joy in celebrating the milestones in their lives.


Davii has been in the event management and catering business for 25 years. She is very persnickety when it comes to details and organization - always on top of her crew to get the job done right! Davii's two decades of experience and knowledge leave her clients feeling confident and well-taken care of.


Chany grew up in the food business, transitioning from being a sweet little eight year old who helped lay the tablecloths to a busy wife, mom and Chief Decorator! With Chany's amazing talent & taste combined with her natural creativity, your guests will be wowed from the moment they walk in!

Our Story

The business began over 30 years ago in Seattle when Davii and her husband, Zelig, decided to launch a restaurant night in a local hotel. They expected around 25 people to reserve. With no commercial food experience, just a love for cooking, they were excited for the opportunity to show off their natural talents. Imagine their surprise when they received 150 reservations and then over 200 people showed up! It was almost a disaster, but a lot of good will went a long way. There was no looking back for the young couple who continued to grow and grow in the catering business.

About 5 years ago, Zelig retired from the catering and Chany joined her mom and they rebranded as Mi Chicas Catering & Events, which eventually morphed into Mi Chicas Celebrations. Davii & Chany have tremendous passion for their work! They just love to surprise and delight their clients and guests with a special look which was customized just for them!

Nowadays the Chicas have also added full event planning and kosher/non-kosher destination events to their list of services. They walk their clients through each aspect and assist them in planning the most special event of their lives!

We are truly looking forward to speaking to you about your upcoming party!